Who We Are

Blow the dust off your soul



It drives all of us. It’s part of every thread of our lives.

Art has long been a source of inspiration for many but it’s not a Monet or Degas that make a statement in today’s chaotic world.

It’s Banksy, David Choe, and the countless unknown street artists who take their creativity to a modern level and make a statement.

That’s what Inked Up Shirts is all about.

We’re working with talented and creative artists from around the globe who share our vision. From political street art looks that are guaranteed to turn heads, graceful images highlighting world issues, and simple yet eye catching designs, we want to make a statement and we want to enable you to do the same.

Be bold. Stand out. Make art visible again. We need art now more than ever.

We’re Inked Up Shirts and we’re glad you’re here.